Banana Almond Butter Stuffed French Toast with Date Syrup




4-5 pieces of bread, something sturdy. 
½ cup ground chia seeds
1- 1½ cups warm almond, soy, or coconut milk
½ cup gluten-free flour
½ tbsp vanilla
½ oz. cinnamon 
Dash of Sea Salt
1 cup almond butter or peanut butter
½ oz. melted coconut oil
1 banana
½ oz. vegan butter, such as Earth Balance
2 oz. date syrup 



Start by making the batter. Mix together the milk, ground chia seeds, the cinnamon, sea salt, and vanilla. Whisk well. Add more chia, a little flour, and/or additional vegan egg replacer if it needs to be thicker. Gluten-free flour can be subbed for ground oats. Put batter aside. 

Get a hot skillet-pan going with a little coconut oil and the vegan butter. Start by coating the bread in the batter. When the oil/butter mix is piping hot, add the coated bread. Flip when the bottoms are brown. When both sides are cooked, remove from heat and place on paper towel. Slice banana. Mix almond butter and little melted coconut oil to make it a little more workable. Spread a thick layer on one side of the bread. Add banana and top with another piece of french toast. Slather in @ilovedatelady Date syrup, and you'll be dancing all the way to work, or the gym, or to the store... or feel free to just lay there and relax because these are low on the processed sugar and high on the protein!