Favorite Fit Vegans

In honor of GameChangers dropping very soon, we thought we’d make a list of the fit vegans we think are definitely worth a follow. A major hangup for people shifting to a plant-based diet is they think they will lose gaaaainz, be weaker in general and won’t be able to perform at their athletic peak. A huge way to open minds is to be a fit vegan, showing the world that it is not only possible to be vegan and jacked, but that it may be an advantage. Nobody is doing more to blow-up the stereotype than these beasts.

Nimai Delgado


IFBB pro bodybuilder Nimai Delgado is an absolute monster who has never eaten meat in his life, EVER. He grew up in a Hari Krishna community in Louisiana, eating a vegetarian diet all throughout his childhood. He made the switch to veganism in his early twenties and set about working towards his pro bodybuilding card, being the first vegan to do so. Breaking barriers left and right he was also the first vegan to be on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Currently, he runs an 8 week online shred program here and also has a podcast called Generation V. I enjoy his social media because with his spiritual background, he’s an enlightened dude, doesn’t take things too seriously (and being a huge vegan he gets quite a bit of hate from bros) and he’s always keeping it positive, no bullshit, throwing salt or criticism. Just a nice guy who wants to help people go vegan, save some animals, the planet and happens to be really good at lifting heavy things and have a great perspective on life.


Bianca Taylor

Bianca Taylor is not only fitness but also mental health inspiration. I think when she talks about being calorie and macro obsessed versus simply eating a whole-food plant based diet is SUPER important. More people need to hear that message. The pressure that can come with calorie counting and obsessing about food can be so mentally taxing and there’s no need to be so compulsive if one simply wants to be a healthy person. As she exemplifies, one only needs to eat plants. She also speaks on other aspects of mental health and about her battle with anxiety and depression, a great reminder that we all, at times, struggle. She dates Nimai and runs the female side of the veganfitness 8 week program. She’s badass and proves that showing up day after day and taking care of yourself mentally and physically pays huge returns over time. 


Paul de Gelder

I’ve featured him before and I’ll feature him again, this Australian ex-Navy clearance diver is a recently discovered hero that I believe everyone should check out. A jacked veteran with half an arm and leg missing, his story of overcoming can connect with anybody. Besides working with the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, he’s an outspoken advocate for preserving our oceans and he does a lot of speaking engagements. I would love to go see one of his keynotes. Maybe someday he’ll come to Prague. His Instragram rules and is a mix of him smashing workouts, goofing off with celebrities and diving with sharks. It rules.


Derek Simnett

Another vegan I am always and forever raving about. Derek Simnett’s channel changed my life, full stop. He changed my eating habits, the way I look at food, the way I workout and how I look at pull up bars. (still working on that muscle up though) Derek was a vegan and became a nutritionist but was finding that people weren’t taking his advice. He’s a small dude and was a runner at the time and said guys would basically just say, “yeah, veganism, eating vegetables, that’s cool and all for you Derek but you’re small and I want GAAAAINZ, so I HAVE to eat meat.” So, he set about proving that you can build muscle on a plant based diet and recorded it on his YouTube channel. Skip ahead a few years, he’s got his gains and crazy low body fat and he’s now a YouTuber with 200k+ followers. I owe a lot to his channel, love his positivity and hope to cross paths someday. 

Dom Thompson


Dom Tompson is one of the few people I’ve come across that is jacked and does triathlons. Check out his Instagram and you’ll see that he’s a big dude, he moves serious weight, has the endurance to knock out a mile swim, 6 mile run and 20 mile bike ride AND he eats a ridiculous amount of fruit. He often puts the cases and cases of bananas and mangos he orders wholesale on his Insta-stories and it is impressive. He also has a vegan clothing brand Crazies and Wierdos that has some awesome apparel. I’d like to do a triathlon someday soon and Dom Thompson is definitely my inspiration. I want have decent muscle mass, I want to eat cases of fruit and I want to be able to knock out huge kilometer endurance feats like it’s a walk in the park.

I’m finding more and more inspiring, fit vegans weekly and will probably do a 2.0 list in the future. Following people like those mentioned can be that extra motivation I need to get into the gym or go hard for one more set. I will hopefully get in a muscle up like Derek, chisel my core to Nimai levels and knock out a triathlon like Dom this year.

Wish me luck.

Let’s get after it.