Travel Blog: Sevilla Living

“Sevilla Sevillaaaa,” I always say it twice when I’m sitting in a plaza with a friend and we get the bill for our four beers and the total is under ten euros or I’m walking on the cobblestones as the church bells chime and I look up to see the pigeons swarming out of a steeple. “Sevilla Sevillaaaaa,” I’ll say as I’m in a t-shirt, laying in a sunny park in December or having just smashed some late night VEGAN tapas.


Life is great, for me in general, in this city in general and for anyone who visits looking for good eats, plant based or not. Only one month left and I’ve been on ‘Bliss-Mode-10,000’ since October. Here are a couple of my favorite parts, places and eats.

La Alameda de Hercules

I could and probably will do a post on this area alone but for now I’ll try to keep it to Sevilla general. A few blocks north of the city center is the Alameda de Hercules. A few years ago it was the perfect place to score a nice sachet of hashish and some pay-per-hour companionship but these days it’s a go-to evening destination for Sevillanos from all walks of life.

My favorite for food is No Piqui. They’ve got a few vegan options, a QUALITY vegan pizza and fresh juices all at very reasonable prices. Another reason I love it is they’re open all day, breakfast to dinner, with vegan options for all of them.

My personal favorites for tapas are Casa Paco or Arte y Sabor. Casa Paco is a traditional Spanish bar but I love it. The tapas menu doesn’t have vegan specific options but the patatas bravas, pimientos de padron and normal patatas are all vegan. I go there more for gin and ambience than eats. Arte y Sabor has two small locations on the Alameda and has some good vegan options, my favorite being the mushroom croquetas.

VeganEats is a block from La Alameda and freaking rules. Open for lunch and late, they’ve got burgers, hot dogs, fries and a few desserts. A quick vegan hot dog in between bars? I never thought I could live this good.

El Mercado de Feria

This market is next to La Alameda and is open from the morning until about four. Fresh cheap fruit, vegetables for days and many of the restaurant stands are repping vegan options. I’ve had class vegan pinchos, guacamole and empanada, with a beer, squished on a low stool, elbow to elbow with hearty Spaniards passionately shouting at their amigos while waving their sardine toast in the air. Beyond vegan options, I love this place is because it is 98% Spanish patrons. Locals serving locals and it makes me feel like Tony Bourdain being the only lanky foreigner in the crowd.

***The burger joint Atticus Finch, located on the outside of the market, is going to be the one of the FEW places in all of Spain offering the Beyond Burger!!!!! It’s just been announced and hasn’t arrived yet. (I’ve stopped by and asked them multiple times) So, stay tuuuuned!



An organic supermarket with a vegan/vegetarian restaurant two doors away with the same name, this combo is where it’s at. The supermarket has it all and is where I head when I need a specialty item that I can’t get at the usually small organic shops and the restaurant is awesome, well-priced and has some classic Spanish dishes.

El Enano Verde and El Verdetariano

Two exclusively plant-based spots that have very respectable daily menus that are frequently changing.

Cafe Ofelia

A bomb ass bakery that reps a few vegan treats daily.


This is my favorite eating in the city. Located in the Mercado de Arenal this place rules. I’m constantly raving about it on Instagram. I once went over three weeks without going, showed up and all the ladies that work there (it’s a 95% female staff) were like, ‘HEEEY where the f*** you been?’

Bomb cheap breakfast, burgers, hot dogs, the classic Spanish omelette, potato salad, their menu is great and their desserts are constantly changing. My favorite menu item is the kebab. It’s textured soy seasoned up and tossed into a wrap with some veggies and hot sauce.


It was the first exclusively vegan restaurant in the city and the ladies that run it are bad-ass-legends. The IPA they have is called FUCK THE PATRIARCHY. I love reading the signs around the restaurant and they’re usually rocking some awesome t-shirts as well. Overall it’s a 10/10 and a MUST for any plant-based eaters coming to Sevilla.

So that’s it for my first edition of Living Plant Based in Sevilla, maybe I’ll turn it into a series. It is by far my favorite of the cities I’ve had the privilege of living in. If you haven’t been, buy a ticket, gimme a call and I’ll meet you at Veganitessen for an avo-toastie and coffee.