20 Plant-based Meals Under 10 Minutes

udon noodle bowls


The noodles I used were pre-cooked and I found them in the back of a tiny Chinese market in Spain but I’m sure they’re available stateside. Either way it doesn’t matter you can still whip this out in diez minutos but you have to first get some water boiling for noodles if yours aren’t pre-cooked. 

It’s really just a simple sauté. Toss oil (I like coconut for this one), garlic, ginger and onion in a pan on medium high heat. Then add cauli, broccoli, cabbage and a generous pour of Tamari or soy sauce. At about the 4-minute-mark add your noodles, a bit more Tamari and salt and pepper to taste. Give it all a good stir and let it simmer while you chop up a bit of cilantro and pull out the Sriracha and sesame seeds (Or w/e you wanna top it with).  Lastly slide your stir fry into two bowls, swirl some sauce on top and take a seat because that was done so fast you’ve still got more than half that episode left. 

spicy frickn' patty sammie

Mmm, spicy.

Mmm, spicy.

A throwback to that public school "hot-lunch" classic, with a little extra jazz. You'll want to start by buying yourself some frozen patties of some plant protein. Unsure what kind to get?? Check out our article on Meat Alternatives.  Too lazy to check? Okay then....just buy some Boca or Gardein Patties. We like the spicy ones...

When ready, simply pan fry a couple patties on medium high in oil. Flip when golden brown. As that's cooking get some English muffins, hamburger buns, or some simple white bread. I like to grill and/or toast the bread so if you're keen on this, feel free. Remove patties from heat and set on paper towel to soak up excess oil. Dress up the buns with a little vegan mayo, buffalo sauce for added zip,  lettuce, tomato, onion, maybe a pickle, essentially whatever you like and/or whatever you have that goes well with a sandwich. Smash everything in the bun, serve with a side of chips and hummus, a piece of fruit, or again whatever you fancy. Now cool yourself off from that spicy sprint of a supper charade with a cold lager. And ice cream. 


s'ghetti and mushroom basil toast

spagII (1 of 1).jpg

It's one of our "go-to" quick meals. All you'll need is a pack of spaghetti noodles, a can of marinara sauce, and whatever veg we've got lying around. Start by boiling some water with a little salt and olive oil. Add the noodles.  Remove from heat, strain, and set aside. Real quick like, get a little olive oil going in the pan and add your sauce. Any will do.  Since this was under 10 minutes I opted for a jar or TJ's Organic Marinara. This is where you can add in some extra protein like frozen peas or hemp hearts. With any plant-based dish, if you can add protein...DO IT!  When your sauce starts to simmer, add the spaghetti noodles back in. 

PRO TIP: You can throw the spaghetti at the ceiling to check its doneness. If it sticks, it's ready. If it falls off, keep boiling. Or you can just taste it like a real chef would probably do. 

While that's going, start of pan with a little EVOO. Add some minced garlic, sliced baby bella mushrooms. Or any mushroom really, even if it's a mix. The best thing about mushrooms is when you mix the varieties, it's brings out the best in all of them. Sauté until golden brown, adding in a little sea salt. Add a small knob of vegan butter and perhaps some fresh rosemary or thyme if you're feeling a little Ratatouille. Plate the spaghetti, slap a toast down and heap a small pile of mushrooms on the toast. Sprinkle a little nutritional yeast, maybe grill up an extra Frikn' patty you've got lying around. But regardless...Marinara Spaghetti and Garlic Mushroom Toast. DONE. 

nachos del plants


Is it the business-end of a Friday night and all you want to do is forget the world and binge on Stranger Things? Or Game of Thrones? Or Parts Unknown?! We feel you. That's exactly why Ignacio Anaya invented nachos. For this recipe you'll need to start with a few large handfuls of tortilla chips!


Simply spread out a good helping on a cookie sheet and preheat the oven to 400+. We've honestly done every combination there is so feel free to get creative on this one. One of our favorites is simply vegan cheese, preferably followyourheart, with diced tomato, hemp hearts, some canned chickpeas, onion, roasted jalapeno, a homemade quesadilla sauce, and some nutritional yeast. The only items we DO NOT put on before cooking is the tomatoes and onion. If you're feeling a little wild, feel free to add a little pickle, beet, some meat alternative mince, or try making a cashew nacho cheese drizzzzzzle. Either way, you can not go wrong with nachos. Serve with some salsa, fresh guac, and stop, drop, kaboom baby.


peanut tofu stir fry

tofufryI (1 of 1).jpg

Grab some veggies and give em a good rinse. Things like broccoli, mushrooms, carrot, snow peas, bamboo shoots, essentially anything you like and/or you've seen at your local grocer. Easy tip, the more color the better. Get even nuttier by adding ingredients like peanuts, cashews, or quinoa. When you've got a selection lined up, start by prepping the tofu. First you'll want to squeeze out the excess water form the soy cake, as if delicately shaping a snowball. Then wrap the tofu in an absorbable cloth. When dry to touch, simply toss in a Tupperware container or sandwich baggies with a mixture of salt, pepper, a little melted coconut oil / peanut butter mixture, some soy sauce, fresh garlic, a little sesame oil. Feel free to use an East Asian sauce or other condiment you feel. BBQ sauce would even work.  Set aside. Follow up by chopping your preselected veg.

Then add some oil to a wok or large pan. Any will do but we prefer something on the healthier end of the spectrum, like coconut, avocado, sesame, or grape-seed. Get the oil good and hot because you want to try and capture the elusive "wok hay" taste. "

🙋...Umm Burnt Lentils, what the h is that?!" Click the info link 👆 yo!

When your oil is hot, start by adding a little minced garlic and then the tofu, sliced into pieces. You can also grill the tofu, which gives it a great flavor as well. Toss regularly until all sides of tofu are golden brown. Remove from heat and put in paper towel. I then usually put these in the oven to stay warm and to dry out even further.

The next step is to toss the veggies on high heat until preferred doneness. We suggest leaving a little crunch in your veggies. Finally get a bowl, throw in a heap of your cooked veg, and top with the tofu and any Asian-y sauces you might have lying around. Looking to get hearty? Add some rice, noodles, or a pile of quinoa. 


burrito burrito suave suavecito


You're now singing that song in your head now aren't you?! It probably looks like this. 

Here's the thing. You definitely DO NOT need to go to your local Chipotle to get a flavorful and sustenance-inducing burrito, save that for road trips. Plus it's easy...and you won't have that 10-hour lingering taste and/or smell. Like seriously, what is that??

When ready, start by grilling a tortilla on a skillet with a rain-drop sized drip of oil in the pan. Now add a little cheese on the bottom and let it melt. If I see another "foodie" out there sharing pics of their cold, unmelted shreds of store bought cheese, vegan or not, on top of a supposedly hot item, I might lose it. Now add some beans. BOOM! Now some mince or Beyond Meat strips! Or Chickpeas! BOO YA! Blacks beans or Pinto? We don't mind-o! Tomatoes, peppers, onion, avo and fresh cilantroooo! WAPAW! KAPOW! WOAHH! You need your own comic book strip artist for all the cool sounds your making!

Now cut and get ready to smash...Remember to inhale. Guac is still extra. 


pancake breakfast

with fresh strawbs and bloobs

with fresh strawbs and bloobs

If there's one thing we think we've gotten right, its pancakes. With only three main ingredients, these oat-based patties of goodness can be called upon for any occasion. Breakfast. Brunch. You might even find yourself using words such as brinner. Late-night brack. Brors d'oeuvres?

Start by simply mushing one ripe to over-ripe banana in a bowl with a fork then add the 1 ½ cups of whole oats and cinnamon. Then mix. Put a non-stick pan on medium heat. When it’s hot add a bit of coconut oil. This batter is a bit thicker than regular pancake batters so I’ll scoop it into the pan and then use a fork to make it into more of a pancake shape. It only take a few minutes for each side. Plate it and repeat with all the batter. 

Feel free to go full breakfast bar by adding whatever toppings you have around. Nut butters, berries, coco whip, dried food, chocolate chips, essentially anything that might be an ideal resident for that fat stack of fluffy flapjacks. 


sammie de siete veg

vegsammie (1 of 1).jpg

Cut up anything and everything that you think would be good on a sandwich. Toast and hummus some grainy delicious bread. Put seven or eight or nine or three veggies on the bread. Cut it in half. Toss a handful of chips on top or a few carrot sticks. Sit down and enjoy a hearty healthy sandwich that doesn’t have that lingering Subway aftertaste…which we actually like sometimes. But I suspect these put a little less hurting on the wallet than those foot-longs.

Pro tip: Hit your tomatoes with a touch of salt and black pepper


leftovers wrap

burritoII (1 of 1).jpg

Like a sandwich, wraps can be called upon at any hour of the day and they can filled with whatever you might have lying around. Now if you're gonna go full Masterchef and marinate your tempeh, brine your jackfruit, or incorporate a homemade pesto or hummus, then this might take you more than 10 minutes. On the flip side, if you're looking to just get ride of those back-shelf condiments and veggies, this can take you under 5.

Basic Instructions. You'll want to start by grilling a tortilla on medium high heat in a skillet pan. Next step, fill the tortilla. Go cheese first if you have it, because you want it to melt. Add a topping or condiment, essentially something to keep it lubed! That's right. Now wrap it up like a sleeping bag and tuck in the corners. 

Peep one of recent creations where we used black beans, quinoa, chickpeas, lettuce, onion, and two kinds of leftover salsa. It got us where we needed to go at about the same pace it takes to go a Shake-Weight workout. 


grilled veggie panini

grilledveg (1 of 1).jpg

Sandwiches are my favorite. This is one of the few vegetarian dishes I'd make myself when cooking my way through college at a family-owned joint, and it's still a "go-to" today. You'll want to start by chopping up an onion, a zucchini, a tomato, and a portobello mushroom in equal-sized pieces, about the size of a nickel. Get a little olive oil going in the pan until hot. I like to add a little fresh garlic and basil beforehand. Add the veg and sauté until scorched on each side. Toss in some sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a little cayenne if you're feeling it. Remove from heat and get another pan going. Grill up two hunks of bread of your choice, coated with a knob of Earth balance spread or other vegan butter until golden brown. As the bread cooks, add a little vegan cheese to melt, and slather one side of the bread with a generous layer of veganaise. Sprinkle a little "nooch" if you have it. 

When bread is ready, remove from heat and top with grilled veg. Assemble your sandwich, line it up with either oven-baked fries or sweet potato tots and people with think you've got some skills brewing. 


creamy mushroom penne


Put a pot of water to boil with a touch of salt and oil. When it starts to boil add your noodle of choice. I like whole wheat penne for this recipe. Next, toss some chopped onion and garlic with a bit of olive oil in a separate large pan on medium high heat. When the onion starts to brown, add in 2-3 cups of your favorite mushrooms and a healthy pinch of oregano (or basil or Italian seasoning or rosemary or thyme) and a bit of salt and pepper. Give it a stir and let it simmer for a few minutes and then add a cup of alternative milk and 2-3 tablespoons of nutritional yeast. Let that go until your noodles are 95% done. When they’re slightly al-dente strain them and add them to your mushroom medley with a bit more milk and salt if necessary. After about 10 minutes, pour it into two bowls, quickly chop some green onion for the garnish and bada-bing, you’ve got a creamy pasta dish Tony Soprano would enjoy playing with on his plate while ignoring Carmela and pretending to read the paper. 


hulk smoothie

Betcha an unopened pack of O-Pee-Chee NHL Allstars that I've jammed more nutrients into one morning smoothie than some people get in a day. A truly legendary smoothie. A shake so righteous you might need to workout BEFORE and AFTER. Liquified sustenance fit for a demi-god, or a raging, green anger monster...

Start by getting out a shaker cup or blender pitcher. Fill it with frozen bananas, wild blueberries, atlantic dulse (tis a sea veggie matey!), cilantro, spinach, kale (or other green, leafy veg you might have), goji berry powder, hemp hearts, spirulina powder, vanilla protein (We suggest Garden of Life, it's the best), coconut water, ground flaxseed, plant milk, and a little high quality H20. 🤯

You could also top it off with probiotic supplements or some fresh cacao for an added boost. We realize this a more luxurious option so if you feel the need, just scrap our suggestions and dump whatever you got into a shaker cup and blend. 

PRO TIP: Put your liquids in first AND last so the solid stuff doesn't block the empty space and you get milk water all over the counter when you screw on the cap because it's too full. 


quesadilla "to go"

We used  BeyondMeat "Grilled Strips",   Daiya Cheddar,  and  FollowYourHeart  mayonesa for this line-up.

We used BeyondMeat "Grilled Strips", Daiya Cheddar, and FollowYourHeart mayonesa for this line-up.

Here's the deal with quesadillas. You can either stretch out the process and dedicate time to making a game-changing filling, or you can skip all those steps and crank one out under 10 minutes. That's why I call this quesadilla a to go. It's quick. This is for anyone whose felt the weight of a long day, or anyone whose been to Subway, or anyone whose had to run lunch-break errands, having barely squeezed in a midday meal of toast and peanut butter fingers. Check this out. 

Get a pan going. Add some meat alternatives.  Mince, BeyondMeat strips, frickn' patties, whatever. Swap those out for cauliflower or sweet potato even! While those are cooking, get out the tortillas, vegan cheese, some taco seasoning, salsa, the handy dandy "nooch" pail, a lime, and a dab of vegenaise if you want a little extra coolness. When your filling is ready, remove from heat and slice if needed. Get a big, flat skillet and add a drip of oil. Add the tortilla, followed by cheese,  a sprinkling of the seasoning, a dab of veganaise here and there if you feel the need, a squeeze of lime juice, the grilled filling, following by more cheese. Sprinkle a little nooch, cover with another tortilla and flip. Grill till golden brown. Serve with salsa or guacamole, garnish with fresh cilantro and be sure to hand the baton off to Usain Bolt


triple protein salad with strawberries

strawbsalad (1 of 1).jpg

This one might take longer than 10 minutes if you're working with dried products. But no fear, thankfully we live in an age where anything you can imagine comes prepackaged. You'll want to start by hunting down a big bowl. Add chickpeas, lentils, and quinoa. You'll then want to toast off some almonds in a small pan while chopping the other veg. As your almonds toast, slice some strawberries, sweet pepper, and carrot. Add a little salt, pepper, and whatever dressing you might have lying around. We suggest a lemon vinaigrette. 

PRO TIP: A killer lemon vinaigrette is 1 part oil, 1 part vinegar, two juiced lemons and some sweetener to taste. We suggest agave, Stevia, or coconut sugar. When we say "to taste" we mean not so sour where you make stink face but not so sweet that it's like drinking Bug juice. Remember that stuff?!


avo toast your way



Buy a beautiful loaf of locally made whole grain bread and some perfectly ripe avocados. Toast two slices OR give them a drizzle of olive oil, a bit of salt and grill them in a panini press. Either way I like to hit the bread with some oil and salt before adding the toppers. For the topper, slice a tomato and avocado OR toss the avocado in a bowl and give it a mush. Nicely place them on your toast. In a separate small bowl put some black sesame seeds (or regular sesame seeds or sunflower or pumpkin) and a touch of crushed red pepper. Next, take a lemon and a microplane (that part of your grater with the teeny tiny holes), hold it above the small bowl and grate the peel of the lemon. It’s super powerful stuff so you only want to grate around a quarter of the peel. Give that mixture a stir and sprinkle it on top of your toast for a finish. Boom, a delicious healthy breakfast you can make in the same time it took you in your college days to heat up that cinnamon-swirl-more-sugar-than-a-Coca-Cola-Pop Tart breakfast. You’re welcome. 


quinoa bowl with steamed veg

cashewricebowl (1 of 1).jpg

Such a simple but filling dinner. Start by heating up two pots with water, salt, and a dribble of oil. Be sure to measure your water for the quinoa. When ready, get the quinoa going and add a steaming basket to the other pot once the water begins to boil. Add some chopped broccoli or cauliflower, green beans, maybe some carrot, whatever to the basket. The more color the better. At the same time, get a hot pan going with a little olive oil. Add some protein like a Gardein Chik'n, a vegan sausage or one of our burger recipes, or just double up on the veg. When the quinoa is done, simply roast in a pan with a large handful of cashews. Pile some quinoa cashew mix in a bowl, top with veg, the protein of your choice and you've got a top notch dinner before that episode of The Office is over. 


veggie curry basmati

Get some veggies chopped. As always, anything will do. And if it's "clean your fridge out" day, which seems to be a weekly occurrence when more plant-based, that's even better! We went with carrots, cauli, onion, green bell pepper, and some leftover curried eggplant. Start by preparing your rice, we had some leftover because rice in the on the menu every couple days. And yes, I realize if you are making rice from scratch this may take a bit longer than 10 minutes. Use minute rice if that's you're thing. When the rice is ready, you'll want to then put a knob of coconut oil in a hot pan. Add some minced garlic, and then the onion. Now the rest of the veg. Toss in some Indian-inspired spices. Then heap onto a pile of rice. Take a moment to notice your amazingness! 


PRO TIP: Need more specifics? Check out our article on "how to "curri-fy" stuff. 


mushroom tempeh tacos

A secret sauce of taco seasoning, veganaise, and agave

A secret sauce of taco seasoning, veganaise, and agave

You definitely don't have to, but it is suggested you marinate the tempeh beforehand to incorporate some added flavor profile. However, I understand if you're a stickler and want to keep it under 10 minutes like we promised. Start by preheating the oven to 400. Then get a hot pan going with some neutral-tasting oil. Add the tempeh block -I like to cut into strips or halfsies along the "hamburger-fold" line, but cubed, rough chop, or entire whole would work. As it grills, add a little taco seasoning, salt, pepper, garlic, or cumin, cayenne, and chile powder. Follow this up with a splash of plant milk. Grill on both sides and be sure to use a lid because it'll probably splatter. As that's going, slice your mushrooms and taco "fillers". Diced tomato, chopped onion, cilantro. We all know taco fillers right? When ready, add the mushrooms to the tempeh and cover. You can use a different pan but I like the shrooms to soak up all that goodness at the bottom. Pop the taco shells in the oven as everything finishes. Feel free to add the tempeh to the oven as well if you need some extra time to chop. When ready, build a taco to your personal specifications - followed by some deep contemplation into whether you should invest in a plant-powered food truck operation. 


just buddha-bowl it

Korean Jackfruit Buddha Bowl with Zoodles and Cashew Quinoa

Korean Jackfruit Buddha Bowl with Zoodles and Cashew Quinoa

When in doubt, just go with e) all the above. What I mean by that is first, find a carb. Rice, noodles, potatoes, maybe a bed of greens thrown in there. Now stir-fry some veg, or if you're going raw just chop and stack. Add a protein. Beans, black-eyed peas, quinoa, meat alternatives, tofu, tempeh, WHATEVER. Try to cook it without burning the place down and add on top of the pile. Now dress her up a bit. A honey-mustard vinaigrette. A Caribbean-jerk bbq sauce. Some store-bought caesar. A little sriracha. Nooch. See what I'm getting at? The thing about Buddha bowls is....it's a bowl with stuff. That stuff can be, again, e) all of the above. We'll be sure to throw up some bowls in the very near future! 



go beyond

bbIII (1 of 1).jpg

Similar to a Whole Foods, sometimes the best option is just grill a Beyond burger. We topped this one off with homemade onion rings (optional), sriracha mayo, lettuce, and vegan cheese, jammed between an onion-poppyseed bun. 

PRO TIP: Careful grilling these bad boys, they give off a somewhat explosive juice that ignites as soon as it hits the grill flame. Concerned? No way.